External Hard Drive Has Stopped Working

Recover External Hard Drive When It Is Not Working

Though external disk is well accepted by users, it is still a fragile storage device and one thing as insignificant as a bump can make your hard disk unrecognized. No drive can be completely secured from data loss and for that reason; your information is always in danger. For this terrible reason, it is very necessary to maintain backup at consistent intervals to minimize the potential loss. But, if your external hard drive has stopped working in any case when you have no back up, USB hard drive recovery tool will help you to get rid of that disaster.

External drive becomes inaccessible to user when there is something logically wrong on the disk. Typically, it happens because of improper handling of the disk drive. Many times, we remove the external drive abruptly when some operation is going on. Your external storage device may also be not recognized due to continuous power failure. After that, you will not be able to recover your data from the drive any more. If those files are so significant for you, USB Hard Drive Recovery application is only option to recover data from it.

Besides that, because of corruption you may find that the external hard drive has stopped working.  It mostly happened due to corruption of MBR. Master Boot Record is most essential part used by the operating system to recognize the hard disk. If MBR is corrupted because of any reason, you cannot access any information from that disk and then all data will be lost. In such case, you can restore data from corrupted hard disk using this efficient program.

If your external hard drive has stopped working and it forced you to format when you attach the disk to your computer. It happens due to some logical error occurred in file system. If file system of the drive is corrupted or it becomes RAW, you will get a message saying to format it. But, if you want to access data without format it, this data recovery application will be best option. Even, if formatted your external drive accidentally, then also you can employ this utility for successful recovery. If you need any information about formatted drive recovery, follow the link: https://usbharddriverecovery.net/formatted.html

It does not matter why your external hard drive has stopped working, you can use USB Hard drive Recovery application in most of the situation for data recovery. It has plenty of features that will help you to make the rescue operation easy and simple. It has an inbuilt scanning algorithm to scan each sector of the disk in few minutes. This application supports different brands of external hard drive, flash drive, memory card, USB stick for restoration. It can also be used to perform Xbox 360 external hard drive data recovery in few simple steps. More than 300 types of file can be recovered using this application without any complication. Excluding that, you can perform the rescue operation on FAT, NTFS, HFS, HFSX formatted partitions on Windows and Mac computer. If you face any difficulty in data recovery from external drive on Mac OS, use this link for further help: www.usbharddriverecovery.net/mac.html

NOTE: With the help of this software any of you can recover files from Iomega hard drive in effortless way. Click on this link, to have more insight: https://www.usbharddriverecovery.net/iomega.html

Steps for External HDD Data Recovery:

Step 1: Install and run USB drive recovery tool on your system and select "Recover Drives" option from Home Window as illustrated in Fig 1.

External Hard Drive Has Stopped Working - Home Window

Fig 1: Home Window

Step 2: Select appropriate external drive from the list, and click on next option to start the scanning process.

External Hard Drive Is Not Accessible - Select External Drive

Fig 2: Select External Drive

Step 3: Finally, after scanning is done you can see the all recovered files as in Fig 3.

External Drive Not Working - Recovered Files

Fig 3: Recovered Files

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