How to Recover Data from Unrecognized SSD Drive?

Is your Solid State Drive is undetectable/unrecognized on your computer, and want to extract all it's data? Stop worrying, and utilize USB Hard Drive Recovery Software, and recover all your data from unrecognized SSD drive in three quick steps. Click on the below downlod button to get the free version of the software, and get back your files now..!

“My Windows 7 is not recognizing my SSD hard drive mounted on it due to some errors. Actually, it happened after update of XP to Windows 8 operating system on my desktop computer. Before, updating the operating system, I moved all my important files from my system to my SSD drive. It contains all my important files such as office documents, favorite music tracks, videos, personal folders, and many more. Now, I am scared very much because of losing all my important data from unrecognized SSD drive. Is there any way to recover files from unrecognized SSD hard drive?”

Scenario like this create panic among users, as valuable data saved in unrecognized SSD hard drive becomes out of reach. Since, SSD hard drives uses flash technology data storage, retrieval, and managing is fast and easy when compared to internal hard drives. Also, SSD hard drives are compatible with both Windows and Mac systems, many users make use of SSD hard drives to hold their personal as well as official data. However, SSD hard drive can become unrecognized or inaccessible in many situations such as:

Sudden shut down of the system, when transferring files from computer to SSD hard drive or vice versa can lead to the corruption of SSD hard drive. Abrupt ejection of SSD drive from the system during any read/write or file transfer process also results in corruption of the SSD drive. As a result of these two reasons, your SSD hard drive may become unrecognized by the computer, when connected again.

SSD hard drive gets easily corrupted when severe virus and malware intrudes into it. Generally, connecting or transferring data from a virus infected computers can result in intrusion of virus into your SSD hard drive. If you don't fix it by using reliable antivirus tool, then further your SSD hard drive may become unrecognized by your system.

Corruption in SSD hard drive's file system, malfunctioning of SSD hard drive, formation of excessive bad sectors on SSD drive, SSD drive crash, and other software conflicts can also result in the corruption of the drive. As a result of this, corrupted SSD drive may become unrecognizable by any computers.

USB Hard Drive Recovery - Free utility to retrieve files from unrecognized SSD:

SSD hard drive may fail to get recognized on any system after the occurrence of any of the above mentioned scenarios and thus data saved in it becomes out of reach. However, there is an easy method to to deal with such unrecognized SSD hard drives, that is to make use of USB Hard Drive Recovery software to recover files from unrecognized SSD hard drive in few easy steps. This tool uses advanced scanning technology to scan and restore data from undetected SSD HD. After the completion of scanning process, you are facilitated to preview all the recovered files prior to restoration. Its advanced scanning algorithms also helps to easily recover lost partition from USB hard drive that caused severe data loss to users.

Features of USB Hard Drive Recovery Program:

This tool has been reviewed and recommended by many industry experts to recover files from unrecognized SSD hard drive under almost all SSD hard drive corruption scenarios. It supports data recovery from unrecognized SSD hard drive on both Mac and Windows running systems. Moreover, it has potential to retrieve data from broken SSD drive, which is formatted with either FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS or HFSX file systems. It recovers files from numerous types of hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, and PATA. Apart from this, this tool has ability to recover data from Sony external hard drive, Seagate drive, Western Digital, Toshiba, and all other leading external hard drive brands. Any of you can make use of this software for recovering files from hard drive that are either dead or raw due to some reason.

Steps to Recover Data from Unrecognized SSD Drive

Step 1: Download USB Hard Drive Recovery tool and install it on your system, then connect the SSD hard drive to your computer through data cable and open its main screen as shown in figure a. From the Main Screen select Recover Partitions option. Then, a list of available logical disk drives are displayed, choose the SSD drive partition from where files has to be recovered and click Scan button to begin scanning & recovery process.

Recover Files from Unrecognized SSD Hard Drive - Main Screen

Figure a: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, the software starts scanning the selected unrecognized drive to find & locate all it's data files.

Recover Files from Unrecognized SSD Hard Drive - Select SSD Hard Drive Partition

Figure b: Scanning for Files

Step 3: Upon the completion of scanning & recovery process, a list of recovered files will be displayed in Data View, and File Type View, as shown in the below figure.

Recover Files from Unrecognized SSD Hard Drive - List of Retrieved Files

Figure c: List of Retrieved Files in Data View & File Type View

Step 4: Now, before saving the recovered files, you can preview the files by just right-clicking on file and hitting Preview option or just by double-clicking on the file, and mark the files/folders that you want to restore.

Recover Files from Unrecognized SSD Hard Drive - List of Retrieved Files

Figure d: Preview Retrieved Files

Step 5: Finally, select the required files that you want to restore, and hit Save button to save them at your desired location.

Recover Files from Unrecognized SSD Hard Drive - List of Retrieved Files

Figure e: Save Retrieved Files

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