Data Recovery from RAW HDD

Computer users might have faced some error messages, when they tried to access their data from hard drive. Some of the error messages would be “The disk in the drive not formatted, Do you want to format it now”, Sector not found”, “There was an error accessing the drive D:, Disk is not formatted”, “Invalid media type reading drive D:Abort, retry, fail”, etc. The occurrence of these type of error messages indicate that the hard drive has been severely corrupted due to which the file system of the drive has turned into RAW.

When hard drive is corrupted and turned RAW, it displays the disk space as 0 bytes and denies you from accessing the data from the RAW drive. In such situations, you need to format the hard drive in order to access the drive. As a result, you will lose all the files saved in that particular hard drive partition. So, data from RAW hard drive can be recovered? Yes, it is possible to recover files from RAW hard drive with the help of reliable USB Hard Drive Recovery software, which scans and recovers more than 300 types of files from your RAW hard drive within few couple of clicks. In case, if you have formatted your hard drive in order to access it, need not worry, as this software is proficient enough to retrieve files from formatted hard drive with utmost ease.

Before knowing how to restore data from RAW HDD, you need to be aware of scenarios that may render hard drive state to RAW:

  • If your hard drive is severely affected by deadly virus and malware attacks, then the chance of file system of that particular hard drive partition turning RAW will be higher.
  • Corruption in the Master Boot Record or damage in the partition table of your hard drive also results in the corruption of hard drive’s file system, which in turn may convert the file system of hard drive into RAW. One can use this link to know how to get back their files from corrupted hard drive under various corruption scenarios.
  • Sudden power failure or improper shut down of system while accessing data from computer’s hard drive can lead to its file system corruption. If the case is worst, it may in turn the file system of that particular hard drive partition into RAW.
  • If any sort of interruptions occur while formatting or reformatting your system’s hard drive partition, then it may result in the corruption of the partition. As a result of this, the file system of that partition may turn RAW.

How will you recover files from RAW hard drive if you come across these scenarios? Do not worry, each of these data loss scenarios can be easily tackled by using USB Hard Drive Recovery software. This software can retrieve files from RAW hard disk irrespective of the reasons behind RAW file system. It comes out with strong scanning algorithms, which helps in recovering data from RAW hard disk with great ease. Moreover, it supports data recovery from RAW hard drive on both Mac and Windows running computers, as it is designed for Mac and Windows platforms separately. You can check the performance of this software by downloading and running its demo version. Once it recovers all your files from RAW hard drive, it allows you to preview all the recovered files either in File Type View or Data View. External hard drive users can take the advantage of this software to retrieve files from Iomega USB hard disk in addition to other brands of USB hard drives such as Seagate, Buffalo, Western Digital, Toshiba, and many more.

Salient features of this tool:

The simple user interface of this tool makes you understand how to recover files from RAW hard drive in an easy way. It has ability to retrieve files from RAW hard disk of several types such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, PATA, etc. Apart from RAW hard drive data recovery, it even supports to retrieve data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS and HFSX partitioned drives. With the help of this software, one can easily recover data from USB flash drive, external hard disk, pen drive, FireWire drive, thumb drive, memory cards of all types, and many more storage devices with great ease. Using this software, you get to know how to open RAW hard drive without formatting with ease.

Simple Steps to Recover Data from RAW Hard Drive

Step 1: Download USB Hard Drive Recovery tool and install it on your system, then open its main screen as shown in figure a.

Recover Files from RAW Hard Drive - Main Screen

Figure a: Main Screen

Step 2: Select your computer's RAW Hard Drive partition from the list of logical drives as shown in figure b and select next to start scanning.

Recover Files from RAW Hard Drive - Select RAW Hard Drive Partition

Figure b: Select RAW Hard Drive Partition

Step 3: The list of retrieved files will be as shown in figure c.

Recover Files from RAW Hard Drive - List of Retrieved Files

Figure c: List of Retrieved Files

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