Recovering Files from an External Hard Drive

Easy Retrieval of Data from External Drive

Data loss from external hard drive is an annoying situation for a regular computer user. An external hard drive is used to store huge amount of data and sometimes it becomes a reason of enormous data loss. If you lose important files from your external hard drive and want to restore them, then here is good news for you. You can restore entire data from hard drive by using USB Hard drive Recovery tool. It is specially designed by industrial experts to get satisfied outcome, recovering files from an external hard drive. However, there is plenty of reason behind data loss from hard drive, no need to worry. Irrespective of reason, you can use this efficient application for restoration in every circumstance.

Common reason behind massive loss of data from hard drive is formatting or re-formatting. There are several cases when user formats the drive accidentally or to solve some unpredicted situations. Most of the time, formatting is required when external HDD is not compatible with your system and you are getting an error message while trying to access it. At that time, you have to format the drive for setting appropriate file system for that drive. As a result, you will lose all information from the external drive. But, do not think that those files are lost forever. You can recover data from external USB drive easily using this award-winning utility. Besides that, you can apply this tool if you accidentally format the USB drive connected to your system, attempting to format any other partition on the system.

External drive recovery is also necessary if it is corrupted due to any reason or become inaccessible to user. Usually external drive is corrupted due to improper handling. If you eject this drive during file transfer or when accessing some data present on it, there is more chance of corruption. Then, you need this powerful technique to restore that corrupted USB drive with ease. Sometimes, USB drive may get failed due to file system corruption resulting to severe data loss. File system of the drive is mainly corrupted due to sudden system shut down, frequent change of file system and improper plug & play procedure. After that, if you try to access it, you will get error messages. Under such scenarios, you can easily recover failed USB hard drive with the help of this reliable software.

Apart from these reasons, you may lose data from your external hard disk due to bad sectors on the drive. If any scratches are made in the disk or external HDD is used roughly, you cannot access information from that section and it results in loss of data. Infection of dangerous external threats is another reason of hard drive corruption. If you connect it to a various infected system, there is more possibility of corruption of the drive. In these entire situations, you can revive all information employing this prominent tool. It has so many useful features in data recovery. It is very efficient to recover all types of multimedia and document files from different types of external USB drives including Western Digital or any other brands of disk. Even, it supports drive recovery on all version of Mac operating system. You will get complete assistance through this link to restore external drive on Mac:

Steps to recover external hard drive data

Step 1: Download and install this hard drive recovery tool on your system, then connect external hard drive to the computer. After launching it, select "Recover Drives" option from home window as shown in Fig 1.

Recovering Files from an External Hard Drive - Home Window

Fig 1: Home Window

Step 2: Now, select the external hard drive from the list of logical drives as shown in Fig 2. Then this application scan that drive thoroughly to restore all files.

Recovering Files from an External Hard Drive - Select External Hard Drive

Fig 2: Select External Hard Drive

Step 3: After completion of restoration, the list of recovered files will be as shown as Fig 3.

Recovering Files from an External Hard Drive - List of Retrieved Files

Fig 3: List of Retrieved Files

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