Data Recovery from Damaged USB Hard Drive

Besides computer hard drive, external USB hard drives are also used extremely to amass a large amount of information. It offers easy and secure way to handle this large amount of data very quickly and allow you to manage complete memory space through creation of several drives. There are lots of people who come across with different data loss circumstances from external hard drive along with damage of hard drive. Today it is not an appropriate reason to be panic. If you lose your valuable information from damaged USB drive, you reached to proper place to solve such issues easily. Here is an efficient Hard Drive Recovery Tool that specially developed to recover data from damaged USB hard drive in different circumstances.

Your external USB driver may be damaged because of different reasons. Prior to recover data from damaged USB hard drive some of common scenarios are mentioned below:

Improper Use: External disks are usually damaged because of improper handling by user. Very often, after using the USB drive on computer we eject it without using safe removal option. If you follow this rough removal procedure repeatedly, your external hard drive may get damaged. Then, to recover USB hard drive data easily, you should employ this application as early as possible.

File System Corruption: File system of hard drive is so important to manage existing files on the drive. If it is corrupted, you cannot use any information from that USB drive. If tried to access that drive through your system, you will get a format error. Then, if you format the drive all files & folders will be lost. No need to worry, using this application you can recover your formatted drive easily. To get more help, follow this link:

MBR Corruption: External USB drive may also be damaged and stopped working if MBR of that disk is corrupted. Master Boot Record is read by operating system when you connect that hard disk with computer. After corruption of MBR, your USB drive will stop working and it results to loss of whole data on that disk. USB Hard Drive Recovery application is very suitable to recover data from USB hard drive in such situation.

No need to bother about the reason behind data loss from a damaged hard drive if you comprise this effective recovery application. It includes various amazing features to recover intact information from USB hard drive after scanning it thoroughly. Using this program, you can restore files from FAT, NTFS, EXFAT formatted drive very easily. Not only, from FAT, NTFS, EXFAT partitions, it can even retrieve data from RAW hard drive partition that turned into RAW file system in various corruption scenarios. Before execution of hard drive recovery, no need to worry about the files you want to restore. It is capable to retrieve all types of information including documents, images, music, video files, application or any other data residing on the hard drive. Even, you can use this same application to recover data from memory cards, flash drives, and Thumb drives also on Windows and Mac computers. This application is similarly efficient to recover data from damaged USB hard drive on Mac computers. If you need any help to perform this recovery process, follow this link:

Follow These Steps to Recover Data from Damaged USB Hard Drive:

Step 1: Download and install this application on your system and connect the external USB drive to it. After initiating it, select "Recover Drives" option from main window.

Recover Data from Damaged USB Hard Drive - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Now, you need to choose damaged external drive from the list of logical drives as shown in fig 2.

Damaged USB Hard Drive Recovery - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Drive

Step 3: After successful completion of restoration, you can see all recovered data as shown in fig 3.

Damaged External Drive Data Recovery - List of Recovered Files

Fig 3: List of Recovered Files

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