USB Hard Drive Data Recovery

How to Restore Files from USB Hard Drive?

When it comes to safe, portable, and reliable data storage, USB hard drive is the best device to store your important files. Using this, you can transfer files from one machine to another. However, while transferring files from USB hard drive to computer, if the computer shuts down abruptly then most of the time, data loss happens. In such situations, a legitimate backup will help you to overcome the drastic situation. However, what if you don’t have backup of your essential files? Aren’t you goaded? In such circumstances, no need to lose your hope. As you can easily restore files by using an efficient data recovery software. Nonetheless, when it comes to retrieve files from USB hard drive, USB Hard Drive Recovery is the ultimate tool, which is appreciated and recognized by industry experts. Furthermore, you can also recover files from corrupt USB hard drive by using this tool.

Most of the computer users delete superfluous files from USB hard drive in order to free up the storage space to store new files. However, the weird thing is that sometimes while deleting redundant files, there is a probability that the user might unintentionally delete his important files. Reasons for the file deletion might be different but the ultimate outcome is the loss of important data. In such data loss situations, most of the users think that the deleted files cannot be regained back. However, this is untrue!!! The deleted files from USB hard drive can be recovered easily provided how quickly you act. If you are thinking of how to recover data from USB hard drive, then here is a best possible approach to get back deleted files. USB Hard Drive File Recovery is the strong tool that describes you the simplest way to bring back lost or deleted files from USB hard drives at your fingertips.

In addition to accidental deletion, there are other circumstances like file system corruption, partitioning, software conflicts, hardware failure, virus infection, unexpected system shutdown, improper plug and play of USB hard drive etc may also result in loss of essential files from USB hard drive. Apart from that, your entire data from USB external hard drive can be lost due to formatting or reformatting of drive. This problem can also be solved using useful features of this USB hard drive recovery application.

In order to overcome data loss circumstances at any times, it is necessary to take some preventive measures. Take a regular backup of all your essential files. Do not expose the USB hard disk to dust and high temperature. Moreover, use updated antivirus program and firewall to protect your personal computer.

Irrespective of the cause of data loss, USB Hard Drive Recovery tool restores files in few simple mouse clicks. Besides, USB hard drive, it can also recover external hard drive files on Mac as well as Windows based computers. This tool has some advanced features like find option, smart scan, save recovery session that helps you greatly so that even a new user can restore his files without any hassle. Furthermore, it can also perform data recovery from Seagate hard disk and all other types of storage drives that can be accessed through the computer.

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Simple steps to carry out USB hard drive data recovery

Step 1: Download USB Hard Drive Recovery tool and install it on your computer/laptop, then connect the USB hard drive to the computer and open its home wizard as shown in figure I.

USB Hard Drive Data Recovery - Home Wizard

Figure I: Home Wizard

Step 2: Select the USB hard disk partition from the list of logical drives as shown in figure II.

USB Hard Drive Data Recovery - Select USB Drive

Figure II: Select USB Drive

Step 3: The list of retrieved files will be as shown in figure III.

USB Hard Drive Data Recovery - List of Retrieved Files

Figure III: List of Retrieved Files

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